Welcome to our fiscal and social model for immigration reform generating $103 billion and creating 50,000 Jobs.

Obama Immigration Reform Details


It is widely recognized that our immigration system is in need of a major overhaul.
The Federal Government’s Department of Homeland Security indicates that there are currently an estimated 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in our country. Some are company employees, using false Social Security numbers and/or names, who very likely pay withholding taxes into unrelated accounts. Some work in the cash economy as “day workers” in trades, domestic work, farming and services. These distinctions will be further detailed in this program concept.

There is an immigration problem because undocumented immigrants overtax too many public services. Immigrants fill our emergency rooms, crowd our classrooms and tragically, nothing much will change for them unless we revise our thinking and tax mechanisms.

The underlying reason for the situation we are in is that employers exploit the immigrants’ eagerness to work, but take no responsibility for the immigrants’ public needs and those of their families. It is as though they enjoy eating the sweet pulp of the fruit and then discard the pit and skin on the ground for someone else to clean up—the other taxpayers.

Whether or not citizenship is granted to individuals in the future, we are suggesting that a unique 21st century approach to reforming immigration will work when an effective tax is levied on employers to help solve the problems of today. If employers were assessed from 5% to 10% of the immigrant labor costs, it could generate $103.125 billion in new revenue over a 10-year period.

The reasoning behind this plan is that Americans by nature are a fair people with good hearts. Homeowners in our study, said that they will vouch for their hard-working gardeners and maids, as will companies for their undocumented help by paying a new small Public Service Tax, allowing them to qualify for a Special Work Permit that will:

  • Give the immigrant and their families legal status
  • Grant them permission to travel home and return safely
  • Avail them medical care
  • Allocate funds for their children’s’ education and much more
  • Promote self-respect

For answers to the following frequently asked questions, please click on a question to go to the answer.

 1.  How will this program impact companies who hire undocumented workers?

2.  How will this plan work with the cash economy workers–maids, restaurant workers, and others in trades and services?

3.  How does this apply to farm workers?

4.  Will this proposal create two classes in this country?

5.  What is the most serious existing immigrant tax loophole?

6.  What does this plan mean to the future of our country, its citizens, and its immigrant population?

7.  What is the justification for the line items in the recommended budget?

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